We take accessibility to heart in every aspect of what we do. We design and develop websites with the fundamental belief that the internet should be accessible and inclusive to users with a range of hearing, sight, movement and cognitive abilities.
Our accessible websites are a result of intensive research, user feedback and iteration. We create with practicality and beauty in mind, and are committed to providing websites that are easy to navigate, understand and interact with. You can try navigating our website by keyboard, turning on our reader-friendly font, and scaling our text to a size that works for you via our blue accessibility button at the bottom of our page. No plugins, no overlays.

Accessibility at our core, not on the surface

At Zenbu, we incorporate accessibility in the codebase rather than using plugins. As a result, our code can account for every possible font, color scheme, and design choice without increasing load times. We can also tailor accessibility settings to your needs, allowing for custom color combinations and text resizing that adapts to every screen.

Tech-talk, translated

We do our best to explain what we do in plain English so that our clients can help us envision their website, no Computer Science degree needed. In case you would like to learn more, we hope our glossary provides the explanations you’re looking for. Our process and solutions are for everyone.

Read our Accessibility Statement to find out how we cater to the WCAG 2.1 guidelines.